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A tender, stringless, dark green, about 4 in long, not old nor so recent French bush variety of a green bean (released in 1994) and a very good yielder. Seeds are slow to reach maturity, making it nice for extended harvests. (Downside is it needs a full season to harvest seeds!) White seeds. Its variety protection rights were dropped some time ago (withdrawn or expired), making it possible to propagate them. (That type of ‘protected variety’ is called obtention in French, not exactly the same but much like what we call a PVP in North America, these protections last a few years and are generally dropped at some point due to a turnover in varieties, vs the cost to register it anew). But back to our beans! If left too long on the plant, seeds will be edible as shellies, and even as dry beans. Now you know what happens whenever we have surplus bean seeds!


Phaseolus vulgaris


min. 40 seeds/pkt Reg

min. 10 seeds/pkt Mini


%germ. on latest test : 100 %


  • Notes

    Availability: we will be adding more as needed. Most items listed as OUT OF STOCK may only be temporarily unavailable - We will be adding more soon, unless *LAST ONES AVAILABLE * is mentioned.


    Our seeds are packaged by weight. The actual number of seeds indicated per packet may differ, but we do our best to include at least (generally more) the quantity mentioned. The quantity depends on the seed germination scores so as to include the right number of viable seeds.


  • Seed Starting

    Direct seeded in late May to mid June, date depending on climate. Needs a warmed soil to sprout well, do not sow too early.