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Seeds are produced without the use of pesticides or GMOs,

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As always, the contents are adjusted to the number of viable seeds indicated, based on their germination scores.

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OUT OF STOCK varieties may only be temporarily unavailable - we will be packing more as soon as possible (1-2 days) more info in the description.

‘On-Farm Breeding’ Tag: The fruits of our efforts in selecting varieties that do well on our farm and bred by ’traditional’ means (hand pollination or insect-pollination) followed by selection. Includes population/landrace-type mixes and stabilized breeding lines (coming soon as named varieties). ‘Soon’ means about 2-3 years from now. Patience and observation are two important factors in plant breeding!

We are also very happy to offer some OSSI varieties (Open Source Seed Initiative). We've added some more this year!

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