Ordering & Shipping


Please read our Terms and Conditions while (or before) ordering.

NEW in 2021

*From Januray to March, It is now possible to select the local pickup option in St-Nazaire-de-Dorchester (Resto Entre 2 Montagnes, Wed-Sun 11am-7pm). Service has now ended for 2021*

SEEDS - All orders are welcome.


PLANTS and BULBS - Shipped within Canada ONLY.

International Orders:

We will ship any order, but it is your responsibility to check out if your customs will allow the importing of seeds. Even though seeds are allowed, there may be some species which are not. This tends to vary from place to place.

In many circumstances the parcel may be confiscated at the customs before entry into your country. We cannot issue a refund in such case it is not delivered. The moment the parcel leaves Canada, it becomes out of our control and any purchase is made at your own risk.

As of now, we can NOT issue a Phytosanitary Certificate.

We do not ship any plants or bulbs outside Canada.

Our shipping costs

Our shipping and handling charges depend on the size (volume) and weight of the order: it will be categorized as lettermail or parcel.


We do not benefit from large volume discounts at Canada Post yet; we cover part of the shipping costs and charge (for a parcel) from $10-15 shipping/handling charges depending on your area.

For seeds sent through lettermail, without tracking, it is the least costly option.

An order of some lightweight packets will be categorized as lettermail. Light/small seeds such as tomatoes, strawberries, ground cherries, chamomile, etc. are in this category. It is still possible to order one or two heavier packets combined with light one(s) and still benefit from the lettermail rates.

Promo Codes may apply for seasonal promotions, please visit our Online Store for more details.