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Our projects

the greenhouses, 'Serres PASSIFLORE'

Jan. 2021: After 3 years of awaiting, our first passive solar greenhouse (part one of two) is under construction! (Part two requires more investment and will be delayed a little. For now we start with the West Side, and both sides are attached to the same building.)

The passive solar greenhouse was still a little known type of building in Quebec, even though recent interest arose after some students and homeowners' projects were documented on tv. In fact, this one does not look like a regular greenhouse for it has an insulated roof.

Our system is based on the information given by SolutionEra during an ecological building class in 2014 held in Chertsey (QC).

It is more or less experimental as it comprises two sides (instead of one entirely oriented towards the South or SSE as most passive solar buildings normally are). We will be monitoring air movement, passive condensation control and temperatures in the coming years.

We hope this first greenhouse project will give us a better idea how to build the next one!

Below: installing an 'old' reused window - still good for another use!

installing a window
construction: the greenhouse
vegetables line drawing
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