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Terms + conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions while (or before) ordering. They also appear on the payment page before payment.

We reserve the right to refuse/cancel an order for any reason, any time, such as (but not limited to) : error in product availability, description or price. We reserve the right to change, update or remove information, products, services, or other contents without prior notice. Conditions can also be modified without prior notice - it is your responsibility to read Terms & Conditions. By using the service, you agree having read and accepted the conditions. Québec law requires that the Web Site to be used only by persons 13 years old and up.

We have tested our seed lots and guarantee that they are viable to the percentage indicated on the back of the seed packets, at the date tested (also indicated). We keep them under optimal conditions util they are shipped. We cannot be held responsible for any loss of viability or damage caused during or after delivery or if your environment does not meet the right conditions for the seeds to sprout or grow.

We are sorry we cannot accept returns in the case of plant material (seeds, bulbs, plants).
Please read carefully the product description and find out if it corresponds to the item wanted. However, in the case a plant arrives damaged, please contact us and we will see what we can do.

Once placed, an order is final and cannot be canceled. You are responsible to make sure the contents of the cart reflect what you want and to make any modifications before ordering.

We will ship any order, but it is your responsibility to check out if your customs will allow the importing of seeds. In many circumstances the parcel may be confiscated at the customs before entry into your country. We cannot issue a refund in such case it is not delivered. The moment the parcel leaves Canada, it becomes out of our control and any purchase is made at your own risk.

We do not ship any plants or bulbs outside Canada.

It is user’s responsibility to keep any password secret. Any activity (purchase) linked to the customer’s account or password is also user’s responsibility.
Any data collected on this website serves to fulfil the service and to provide information (newsletter). Access to this data (name, address, email, phone) is limited to the persons who prepares the orders. We do not have access to payment data, which happens through a secured separate service. We do not sell or distribute email lists or any other personal data.

We, cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury caused by wrong use of the site. Any damage or injury caused by inappropriate use of the service/product is limited to the market value of the service/product.
A compensation may be asked to anyone using the service inappropriately causing damage on this site.

Unless mentioned, all original content, such as text, photos and artwork, on this Web Site is protected by Québec law on intellectual property rights.


You first agree to contact us regarding any problem or concern about the service so we can resolve it informally. In case of Dispute, Québec Law applies. It must be heard in Beauce District, Québec.


Please contact us ( with any questions or comments.




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