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Yes, many packets feature some basic info. But this is generally not enough information to succeed, especially to people new to seed starting or gardening! Even though one follows exactly the directions on the packet, sometimes, that just doesn’t work. Why? We cannot write down everything on a packet. Like all what’s below. That’s still incomplete in some way: in nature, seasons vary and every household has a different spot to start seeds indoors, be it a warm windowsill or under some grow lights; in a cool basement or a warm kitchen, by the woodstove or in the bathroom! As we moved from one house to another, I had to adjust my seed starting dates accordingly a little. So depending on your conditions, plants will not all grow at the same pace. Seed starting dates are still a good indication that generally works in a given area. My best tip, again, is ‘experiment’!
Gardening can be a fascinating learning experience, as long as we allow ourselves to invest time and effort... and to make small mistakes too. To get a head start, and to complement your seed starting knowledge, grab a good book on the topic that is related to your area or climate; you may save many times its cost in seeds, plants and materials !
Plus, some books are dedicated to seed starting and propagation.
Options are out there to succeed and to avoid most seed starting mistakes. Get information at hand and... start some seeds!
If this can be of some help, here is my basic info leaflet including a table of my seed starting tips.

(.Pdf document to download - 9 pages)
                           SEED STARTING TIPS


Fold-your-own reused paper seed packets

folded seed packets_sachets de semences

Planning to harvest some seeds next summer? Here's a template to fold some packets - no tape, no glue required


It is based on the instructions given in Seeds of Diversity booklet (How to Save Your Own Seeds -A handbook for Small Scale Seed Production). A fun way to reuse printed paper or any other printer-compatible paper. Print one or two or more and use them to practice. Other options below.

8.5 x 11 in. Template for Fold-your-own seed packets

8.5 x 14 in. Template for Fold-your-own seed packets


No such paper available or no printing option right now?

No problem: choose any rectangular paper. Then fold a corner towards the opposite side forming a triangle. Cut out the folded section, leaving a strip and a square once unfolded...



Other steps are in the video below. Then wait for an abundant seed harvest!

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