Fold-your-own reused paper seed packets

folded seed packets_sachets de semences

Planning to harvest some seeds next summer? Here's a template to fold some packets - no tape, no glue required


It is based on the instructions given in Seeds of Diversity booklet (How to Save Your Own Seeds -A handbook for Small Scale Seed Production). A fun way to reuse printed paper or any other printer-compatible paper. Print one or two or more and use them to practice. Other options below.

8.5 x 11 in. Template for Fold-your-own seed packets

8.5 x 14 in. Template for Fold-your-own seed packets


No such paper available or no printing option right now?

No problem: choose any rectangular paper. Then fold a corner towards the opposite side forming a triangle. Cut out the folded section, leaving a strip and a square once unfolded...



Other steps are in the video below. Then wait for an abundant seed harvest!