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Early to flower, these compact plants develop slightly flattened and ribbed fruits - with that real tomatoey taste. A popular French heirloom from Provence that has then been grown in the UK before reaching us. Because of our short summer, it is a little late to mature but produces a very good harvest – and the green ones that have reached their size can be ripened indoors. Moderately large, bushy plant.


Solanum lycopersicum


min. 35 seeds/pkt Reg

min. 10 seeds/pkt Mini


%germ. on latest test : 97 %

* last ones available*

  • Notes

    Availability: we will be adding more as needed. Most items listed as OUT OF STOCK may only be temporarily unavailable - We will be adding more soon, unless *LAST ONES AVAILABLE * is mentioned.


    Our seeds are packaged by weight. The actual number of seeds indicated per packet may differ, but we do our best to include at least (generally more) the quantity mentioned. The quantity depends on the seed germination scores so as to include the right number of viable seeds.

  • Seed Starting

    Sown indoors in March to April depending on your climate, they love warmth. Transplant as frosts are well over and soil has warmed, end of May to mid-June .