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Foxtail-type millet, Setaria. Ornamental graceful plant and useful small grain; tall stems with reddish brown color . Millet must be dehulled (some equipment required) if one intends to use it as food; also very popular with wild birds, chickens… Originally from the garden of Don Kluever in Hell’s Canyon. A variety made more widely available through Adaptive Seeds in Oregon. I transplanted them to make sure they ripen well. I may try to seed it in place, but I still prefer the precision in spacing transplants give me, same as for corn.


Setaria italica


min. 1000 seeds/pkt Reg
min. 300 seeds/pkt Mini
%germ. on latest test : 85 %

  • Notes

    Availability: we will be adding more as needed. Most items listed as OUT OF STOCK may only be temporarily unavailable - We will be adding more soon, unless *LAST ONES AVAILABLE* is mentioned.


    Our seeds are packaged by weight. The actual number of seeds indicated per packet may differ, but we do our best to include at least (generally more) the quantity mentioned. The quantity depends on the seed germination scores so as to include the right number of viable seeds.

  • Seed Starting

    Can be sown in mid-May; we transplant them.

C$3.50 Regular Price
C$2.98Sale Price