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Summer Squash, Yellow Pattypan mix

Summer Squash, Yellow Pattypan mix

A recent blend of mine, I focus mainly on selecting the short branching bush habit yielding good amounts of small yellow pattypans. The latest and least prolific plants are dropped. A few may still produce light green fruit in early stages then all turning to yellow ripe. To build this population, I combined two yellow OP pattypan-type squash varieties, one from Ukraine and one from the UK. Both showed variability in their growth habits and fruit shape; the selection comprises our earliest and most productive yellow fruits with the characteristic wavy disc shape, some more or less flattened, some more tulip-shaped. Variable sensitivity to powdery mildew too. One of our latest pepo squash to mature seed. Ripens pumpkin-orange; fun for mini carvings too!


Cucurbita pepo


min. 20 seeds/pkt Reg

min. 10 seeds/pkt Mini


%germ. on latest test : 98 %


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  • Seed Starting

    Somewhat late, we prefer to sow indoors in May and transplant them when a first true leaf has formed. Plant in June after the last frost, once soil has warmed.