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Cucumber, MARKETMORE 76

Cucumber, MARKETMORE 76

How can one describe this variety which has rarely been surpassed in yield and evenness, that could even make a hybrid cuke shy? Seriously, nearly everyone offers this variety, no wonder why. We love it too, sliced, cubed in a salad or even featuring into our bread&butter pickles and home canned relish. Variety bred at Cornell University and released in 1976, partially resistant to cucumber mosaic virus and powdery mildew, very uniform and dark green fruit. Not the earliest to start fruiting but so generous in yield! Perfect for one harvest as they all mature at about the same time, or make two successive sowings to get multiple harvests.

Cucumis sativus


min. 40 seeds/pkt Reg
min. 10 seeds/pkt Mini
%germ. on latest test : 99 %

  • Notes

    Availability: we will be adding more as needed. Most items listed as OUT OF STOCK may only be temporarily unavailable - We will be adding more soon, unless *LAST ONES AVAILABLE * is mentioned.


    Our seeds are packaged by weight. The actual number of seeds indicated per packet may differ, but we do our best to include at least (generally more) the quantity mentioned. The quantity depends on the seed germination scores so as to include the right number of viable seeds.

  • Seed Starting

    Sown indoors around late May, or 2-3 weeks before transplanting outside; loves warmth. If direct seeding, provide warmth. We prefer to sow indoors.

C$3.50 Regular Price
C$2.98Sale Price