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Our Varieties and Breeding Projects

Our varieties

Our on-farm breeding projects

Some of them are available now through our Online Store but most are still in their early selection process. A project such as producing a 'pure' line that breeds 'true-to-type' (with very little to no variation on specific characters of the line) every year may take from 6 or 7 and generally up to 12 years to select.

Seeds that are available now include variability for one to many characteristics, like the thickness of the fruit for the Pattypan squash or the leaf shape diversity in the case of the Arugula mixture.

Projects about peppers, beans and eggplants are too early in the process of selection, but I will make my lines available as desirable characteristics show up and remain stable, then name them and make them available as Open Source material.

Images with a subtitle are available as seeds. They are clickable and link to the variety description in the Online Store.






1developpeealaferme onfarmbreeding72.png
courge maxima mix2018_squash72.jpg
courge_maxima mix2018_squash72-2.jpg

Maxima Mix' 2018



tournesol mix sunflower seedheads72.jpg

No product

Sunflower Breeding Mix

If you have read already its description on the Online Store (by clicking on the above picture), I must admit little is left to say about it: I need not repeat myself. Breeding an OP insect-pollinated crop from a species that is well-known to industrial agriculture brings me both hope and fear.


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