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Secret Code

in some packets!

Find a ''secret'' code in one of our packets... Each code works only once!

Applicable on your next order (or given to someone else) the hidden code will provide you with 3 different free packets worth 3.50 each, and one free ''mystery'' packet (also free) and free shipping! '

'Mystery'' packet: one variety among those not available on our site.

A total of 3 codes are inserted and placed among other packets, taken as orders are received.


  1. Check your packets for any paper ticket inside. The code is printed on.  Clue 2021: our codes are hidden in some ''greens'' packets... Beware, there are many types of edible greens! Which one is it? Good luck!

  2. The code can be used to claim your gift in your next order by typing it in the Promo Code space at checkout. (Each code works only once... so keep it hidden until needed!)




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