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I must admit I grow this perennial plant almost solely for its impressive height when in bloom, although it has a lot of medicinal uses, for which one can harvest the mature roots after their second year of growth. Was/is used both as a medicine and for flavouring alcohol and sweets. Long history of use. Safety note - like any other medicine be it synthetic or natural, knowledge about it is of prime importance. I can only encourage anyone to consult a Medical Herbalist - a way to keep such knowledge being taught!

A good tall plant for the mixed borders in old-fashioned gardens, according to Gertrud Franck. Accumulates good amounts of biomass, in a way similar to comfrey.


Inula helenium


min. 75 seeds/pkt Reg

min. 25 seeds/pkt Mini


%germ. on latest test : 89 %

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  • Seed Starting

    Start indoors around April, seed should be surface sown as they need light to germinate.